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IRON FLAG ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE is the top youth performance facility in the area!

What sets us apart is the years of coaching experience through avenues such as the NFL and Division-1 athletics and our programmed designed with injury prevention at its core.

We build athletes from ground up focusing on the fundamentals first!

  • JV Program: Ages 8-13

Focuses on installing the perfect execution of high-performance fundamental movements.

Emphasis on...

Foundational movements, basic weight training with dumbbells and kettlebells. Teaching proper running technique and mechanics.
Developing footwork through agility and balance drills.

  • Varsity Program: Ages 14-17

This program focuses on developing proper movement patterns while lifting heavy and generating explosive power.

Emphasis on:


  • Elite Program: Collegiate & Pro

Focuses on fixing any faulty movement patterns, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Emphasis on:


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Fall Class Schedule

Monday Through Friday

(JV & Varsity Classes)

4p - 5p

5p - 6p

6p - 7p


9a - 10a

From Jared McGriff-Culver

Owner and Head Trainer

May 2023

I am truly excited for you and your athlete.

If you’re here, it’s not by chance or luck.

In fact, this letter you’re seeing right now is being shown to you because you are looking for the next level for your Youth athlete to excel safely with life-long benefits.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

Training youth athletics is my passion and nothing is more exciting than seeing my athletes breakthrough to higher levels in their performance than even they thought were possible. I loved playing Division I and NFL football, however, I knew that my calling eventually was in youth performance and sports. I am very excited to continue to help our youth develop into strong leaders and hardworking adults.

(P.S. We also have adult fitness classes during our youth program!)

Our Location:

20 E Chicago Ave, Westmont, IL 60559

Located inside Iron Flag Fitness

Locally Owned & Trusted

Your Athlete's Secret Weapon to Athletic Success..

Jared's expert coaching, state-of-the-art facility, science-supported training methods, and mindset development place your athlete on the path to achieving their goals. Beginning with a maximum flexibility membership that works for your busy family.

  • Improve their speed, quickness & agility
  • Become stronger & more powerful
  • Learn proper technique & mechanics
  • Recovery & injury prevention
  • In-season & off-season workouts
  • Compete with more confidence
  • They will work hard, learn life skills and have fun!

What Other Parents of Youth Athletes are Saying....

These Are The 3 Pillars Of A Sustainable Youth Sports Performance Program

True Support and Accountability...

Part of the reason you haven’t found consistent success is that you’ve been trying to go it alone.

Founded by world-class trainers and professional coaches, we create fun, guided workouts and set attainable goals that fit your real life.

All while providing the friendly, focused support and accountability you deserve, so you can start living your best life.

Pillar #1: Intensity, Proper Form & Safe Movement

Agility, speed, reaction, strength & footwork are not only essential to improved athletic performance, they are also measurable.

We will track each athlete’s progress to motivate and adjust future programming.

Our focus is age-appropriate training that prioritizes proper technique, posture and core strength, and functional movements that apply directly to on-field performance

Pillar #2: Recovery & Injury Prevention

Successfully training youth performance and enabling a young athlete to stay at peak form on the field or court season-after-season is job #1.

Time off due to injury is time progress isn't being made.

Jared dedicates a large deal of his time in programming optimally for maximal output without overtraining your athlete.

Jared also works hand in hand with our on-side DPT, Dr Luke Greenwell, who is readily available to help with your child's flexibility and movement patterns.

Pillar #3: Get Their Mind Right 

Jared and his staff are dedicated to your youth athletes success and will keep both you and them motivated.

Confidence, leadership and mindset is equally as important as physical ability. Having played at the professional level, Jared specializes in the mental side of sport and competition.

These skills have a high degree of transferability to life beyond athletics and into adulthood.

We go deeper and commit to uncorking each individual athletes true potential. It all starts from the inside first.

Here’s your chance to get your athlete ahead of the curve. Click below to setup a meeting and tour.

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